Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall is coming!!

The leaves are beginning to turn .. reds first, followed by a burst of gold, then yellow and orange. The weather is predicted to be cooler this week just in time for the John C. Campbell Folkschool's annual Fall Festival ( Over 200 crafters (really talented folks, not crappy crocheted toilet paper cover makers) will set up for Sat and Sun. Music on 2 or 3 stages, all kinds of food - from Beans & Cornbread (a mtn thing) to kettle corn (Sorry you won't be here Ginger, but I will eat some and think of you!). If the weather is nice, it will be a great day to stroll through the woodsy paths and finger the beautiful craft work... jewelry, pottery, paintings, weaving, carving ... The smells of the food will waft through the crisp air and make even fried potato ribbons appealing.

Stores and houses have begun to set out fall displays of pumpkins, mums and corn stalks. After church the kids from the Learning Center sold pots of huge mums full of blooms about to explode into a mound of color. Who could resist - the kids or the flowers ?

I'm ready for a change of season. What's not to love about fall? The colors outside our windows change daily, there's no more "yard" work to do, and it's a season of food-based holidays! What more could you ask for???
Our door is always open and the coffee pot is on.. come on up and enjoy a mountain fall.

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