Sunday, April 22, 2012

Random Thoughts....

There are some things "bothering" me lately. Maybe it's age. I'm sure when I tell you what they are some of you will shake your head and think I sound like your mother or grandmother. But, here goes...

Why don't families sit down together around a dinner table anymore? That is/was/should be where families share philosophy, dreams, plans, their day, their needs, find solace, comfort, argue and make up. What happened to family dinner tables? And with the loss of the family dinner table, goes communication within a family.

Why doesn't anyone cook? And why are young people seemingly proud of the fact that they don't? And older people (my age), too. I makes me sad as a former Home Ec teacher that this is a lost art. Homemade brownies are now from a box. Seriously? I can taste the preservatives with the first bite. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, do we realize how many additives/preservatives prepared food contains? I find myself apologizing for cooking and liking it! Attitude adjustment time.

Why don't we have time for each other? Time to visit, time to just sit and talk, time to hear dreams, plans, what makes us laugh, what makes us sad, what scares us. Send an e-mail, share it on Facebook, text the person sitting beside you - Seriously? Are we losing the value of social contact? Friends and family. What else is important in life?

What happened to manners? Surely manners are not just an old fashion "Southern thing". I appreciate hearing  'yes ma'am', 'please and thank-you',  having a door held open, having help carrying heavy things, being greeted at the door with a smile and a handshake or hug, getting a handwritten thank-you note. How sad that we are losing genteelness.

What happened to going to church on Sunday as a family? What happened to appreciating the ritual and traditions of the church? What happened to Sunday School for kids and adults, Vaction Bible School and church summer camp? Where are the young families? Where are the school age children?

If you have any words of wisdom (or reassurance) please send me a comment. 


  1. I love this and completely agree. While I fall victim to not always having us around the table, it is something that is important to us as a family. The cooking I am working on and well church is something so very important to us. I think the legacy we pass down is special and unique. Thanks for being an encouragement and reminding us that it's the little things that matter most.

    1. Thanks, Tamara. That makes me feel sooo much better! I am so proud of my girls!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly - the dinner table is essential to communication. We have a beautiful view out our back window too with a bird feeder and lots of green canopy. It is so restorative and restful to enjoy the view, share a meal and lively conversation - sharing dreams, plans, "so what happened today"....

  3. Hey: This was wonderful. Thank you for remembering the things we used to do. You are so right, those things are disappearing. They were habit and we knew not to do to every forget or we were remembered very quickly. Great to some of us to still have those things done around us in our family. Our children remember being at home and how it was. It is nice in our life now to stop and enjoy each and every day and to treasure it, for we never know about tomorrow. I love reading your comments and the recipes are always good. Thank you so much for sharing. Betts