Friday, July 6, 2012

Foodie Pen Pals - Round 2

What fun! Month 2 of Foodie Pen Pals and look what I got!! Sarah, sent me this AMAZING box of goodies! She was sooo thoughtful and even shared some Japanese snacks her sister brought her from Japan. We had a ball trying to guess what was in the bag, then tasting them! Sarah visited one of my absolute favorite stores (right up there with Publix!), Trader Joe's! There is nothing you could send from there that I wouldn't love and appreciate! Sarah sent dark chocolate covered pomegranite seeds, capers (I had about a tablespoon left in a jar and was rationing them out!), lemon pepper pasta, sun dried tomatoes, a dark chocolate truffle bar (not sharing!) AND she spent a fortune shipping them! Oh, Sarah, what a dear you are! Many, Many, Many thanks!

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