Sunday, December 30, 2012

A very late Merry Christmas!

You know what "they" say about good intentions? ( For those of you who don't... " The road to hell is paved with good intentions.") Well..... I had good intentions of getting back from our Christmas Market trip, going into baking mode at warp speed, posting inspiring recipes and having a jolly Christmas with family and friends. I'm sad to say not much on that list happened this year.

As those of you who traveled with us via email know, the trip was great, the Christmas Markets were beautiful, the food was interesting and we had snow! The return home was a nightmare. Loooooong story made short: our flight home was cancelled, we spent a miserable night in a fleabag hotel at the Paris airport, my suitcase was lost for a week and I've been sick ever since we got home. We had a 4 hour "Christmas quickie" with children and grands at my daughter's house on Christmas Day then back home to the very quiet and lonely mtns. No pitter patter of little feet, no Christmas cookies, no leftovers, no friends for was a pitiful holiday! And I did not post a single Christmas recipe! I apologize to you, my friends who have cooked with me for all seasons!

New Year's HAS to be better! I've already soaked the dried black eye peas, the kale is pre washed and the ham is but a single slice. We WILL have a traditional Southern New Year's Day meal... Sure to bring wealth, health and happiness. I wish the same for you!

Happy Cooking in 2013! I have 3 new cookbooks that we must work our way through....

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