Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

This has been an unusual year. I've learned the value of living for today, taking care of those things we've put off for too long and staying in touch. I've learned to take care of what is truly important and let the rest go. Family and extended family are THE most important to me. I am very blessed to have friends who are like family and family who are also friends. I treasure every one.

So this year we are doing Thanksgiving a little differently. At first it didn't make sense nor seem doable, but with lots of love, days of pre-planning, many lists and a good head start, it's coming together.

I'm cooking ( or helping cook)  2 Thanksgiving dinners this year. The first is at my daughter's house in Atlanta with her family, her in-laws, a long time friend and us. It's a small group (8) but a hungry one! Then late on Friday night , my son and his family of 5 are heading for the mountains to have a late Thanksgiving with us here on Saturday. My daughter-in-law works every Thanksgiving as a trade off for being off on Christmas morning so, this dinner is for her. She's eaten leftovers for years! This year, she gets a fresh, hot meal! I have 2 turkeys, one thawed, one going from freezer to refrigerator tomorrow. As I prepped cornbread for dressing, sweet potatoes for casserole, etc... I made doubles. Everything is packaged, labeled and ready to either go to ATL or waiting for dinner no. 2 when we get home. I actually sat down this afternoon and rested.  Even a batch of cookies are baked and in the freezer for the Hanging of the Green service at our Methodist church on Sunday afternoon. Sometimes I get on a roll and just keep going until it's all finished! It's all about organization and lots of lists!

I look forward to being with all 4 3/4 of the Grands. They are growing up fast and stay so busy that our times together are too far apart. It will be good to hug them and see the smiles on those sweet faces. I look forward to my girls helping in the kitchen. I have such great memories of cooking with my grandma. No doubt it will be a blast and when they are all gone the house will be too quiet and I will be pooped! But it is all absolutely worth it!

May your turkey be tender, your gravy free of lumps and your pumpkin pie covered in whipped cream! And may ALL the calories be washed away by a big glass of tea ( or water or cup of coffee)!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family! 

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