Wednesday, February 25, 2009

'09 Travel Plans

We're FINALLY booked for our '09 trip. Its been a "challenge" getting all the pieces together. We started out with just the two of us traveling to France, then our group grew to include 2 other couples and 2 single ladies, all of whom I dearly love! I'm terribly excited to have a group to travel with, Bill, not so much. Oh, what the heck... he'll get over it or we'll leave him to fend for himself in Paris!

Did I tell you we're flying to Paris, taking a "bus" to Normandy, boarding a small ship for a Viking cruise down the Seine River back to Paris, then staying over in Paris for 3 nights before coming home. The hotel in Paris is a little boutique hotel near the Eiffel Tower. We've requested a view room but of course, that may mean leaning out the window to actually see the tower! Who cares! We'll be in Paris!!

Those of you who followed my e-mails on our trip last year to Europe remember me speaking "Sesame Street Spanish" in Barcelona. Well, if I don't get on the stick and learn a few French phrases, it will be "Sesame Street French, too!!! Our trip is Aug.29-Sept.9, so I have time!!!

And ohhhh, the food we will eat!! Guess I'd better get on the treadmill soon, too!

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  1. I am so excited for you! The Murph-Dog will be in heaven playing with Peanut while you are gone in their new big yard.