Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cabin Fever!

I' ve been out of touch lately. Consumed with cabin fever, house mania (thanks to Kel and Zach) and generally bored out of my mind.... I was reduced to sitting and staring aimlessly out the windows at the bare trees.

Thank heavens, I had a renewal of energy along with a spurt of creative juices which moved me to the craft room to pick up my paintbrushes. After a rusty start, I painted 4 wine bottles this week and sent out a notice to friends and family that I'm once again in the "painting for bucks" business.

Where else in this economy can you get a personalized, hand painted, gift for $10??? Ok, so after looking at websites, I realize I'm under priced, but the main objective is to give me a purpose for getting out of bed. Forget getting rich! LOL!! I forgot that dream another lifetime or two ago!

Here are a few samples, if you're interested, contact me and I'll paint for peanuts. I can also paint on wine glasses, decanters, pitchers, old windows or whatever! Make me an offer... challenge me!

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