Sunday, April 26, 2009

An Old Friend!

I found an old friend today. One who has been with me down rough roads and smooth sailing, sloshing through puddles on rainy days, dancing in the street, walking on the beach, running after puppies, tiptoeing through grass wet with dew, catching fireflys on a summer nite. I bought them more than 10 yrs ago in the Keys. They're not pretty (and never claimed to be!)

My feet slid into them and found the familiar worn spots. The soles are separating, the buckles rusted, the footbed stained with paint, sweat, mud and goodness know what else! Yet, I can't bring myself to toss them out!

Isn't it wonderful that we have friends that are like my old Birkenstocks? Comfortable, welcoming, been through thick and thin with you and still make you feel good! Aren't we so lucky????

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