Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beach Fun!

What a great location! On Sat afternoon we were at the finish line for a race of about 16 catamarans! Sitting on our 2nd floor balcony, we had a front row seat! It was a site to see!!!

On Fri nite we experienced the annual "Beach Bum Parade" through Tybee Island. Hundreds of locals lined both sides of the main drag armed with water canons and 55 gal drums of water! As we drove by (on our way to find seafood for our 1st dinner), they shot us repeatedly! Guess 2 " little old ladies" in a red convertible VW embellished with daisy decals was a fair target! Thankfully, the girls at check-in cautioned us to put the top up for the evening!!!! Lynda would NOT have been amused with a water logged interior!!! As we settled in for a nice dinner, the actual "parade" started with "floats" set on flat bed trucks and more water canons... shooting back at the crowed along the street... in the end everyone was wet - except us!!

We had a great 3 days at the beach despite less than perfect weather, ate our fill of fresh seafood and even indulged in a frozen drink - sadly, without umbrellas (the drinks, not us!)

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