Wednesday, June 3, 2009


OK, these are just too cute! Cake mix, can of frosting, green gumdrops, white chocolate chips and a dot of black gel icing...
What fun!!!

This brings me to the week ahead- Vacation Bible School - Camp E.D.G. E. (experience and discover God everywhere). And a 2 wk visit from our 8yr old grandson, Riley! OH, I can hardly wait!!! We're going to have sooo much fun!!

Will keep you posted, as much as possible! But, wouldn't these frog cupcakes be perfect dessert for VBS???

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  1. These would be a huge hit at VBS! I'm sure Riley would agree. I know you will have a wonderful two weeks with him. I bet I know one young lady that will be up for a visit soon since Riley is at your house. Have a good weekend! Hugs, Jill