Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Musings...

Total ramblings today....although musing sounds better!

Brian, Riley and Alex are coming tonite. Tomorrow is the BIG Conservation Day event in the mtns. Riley (along with 499 other boys) will get to shoot a BB gun, bow & arrow, fish and see exhibits including a taxidermist (sure hope he doesn't demonstrate!). It will be a great father-grandfather-son day! I'll stay home and babysit Alex, age 2. THAT should be exciting!!! I'm so happy that the boys are coming. Brian hasn't been here since Christmas. Thats too long.

Our Paris trip is all consuming as schedules are being worked out, plans finalized, restaurant reservations being made (did you know you can do that online for Eurpoean restaurants at ???) and packing plans changing daily as Bill constantly monitors the weather forecast! I have 3 seasons of clothes out and ready to be packed when we finally figure out the temp range. Sounds like a raincoat will be essential... what else is new for us???

And in the middle of next week, my "baby girl" turns 29! And she thinks she feels old! HA! So, birthday cake is in the works (she'd rather have Eileen's cake than mine - and that's really OK- especially this year with my plate full!), early birthday gift bought and used, plans made for going a day early to ATl to celebrate birthday and leave our dog with the kids. WHEW! I hope I can finally sleep all the way to France!! My brain is tired- too much to remember!!!!

BUT, I wouldn't trade any of it!! I'm thankful for all the excitement!

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