Monday, August 24, 2009

Lessons from a Two-year Old

Alex (our 2 yr old grandson) and I "bonded" this Saturday while big brother, Daddy and Grandpa went to Conservation Day from 7am-5pm. It was a learning (or re-learning) day for me... surley I knew all this once upon a time.
Here it is in a nutshell.
In a two-year old's world:
NO is the answer to any question.
MINE is the claim to anything in sight.
"Done !" signals that he is DONE with a toy, food or me.
Words are strung together and spoken a mile a minute, preparing me for France next week, where I will also not understand a word but will smile and nod agreement.
He never stopped moving - even when standing still.
We watched a 3 minute Elmo segment on Sesame Street 79 times (in a row). I'm not sure whether to be thankful for the DISH DVR or shoot it.
Meals are eaten in 2 bite increments, making breakfast, lunch and dinner all run together, until he is DONE with any or all!
Making laps around the house, down the hill, back up the hill and across the driveway 46 times is a great way to get exercise and kill some time.
A styrofoam pool "noodle" swung at the emergency pull cord on the garage door can entertain a 2-yr old for hours! And since we have 4 different colors, that's 4 hrs of entertainment.
Naptime is a NO, until finally, with a pillow on top of his entire body, he managed to find the one spot of sunshine on the king size bed and fall asleep, sweating profusely the entire time.
When a 2 yr old wakes from that hard fought nap, the smile peeking around the corner of the doorway is angelic.
I realized that I'm too old to do this every day, but what a glorious privilege to have this child here alone for a few hours. When he turns 21, we'll consider letting him stay overnight without Mom & Dad!!!!

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