Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Snowy Days

The wooly worm was very black and very fuzzy. The "old folks" say that means a cold winter.
The wool worm was absolutely right! We're having more snow and cold weather than any of the 6 winters we've lived here.
The snow sits in the forest and outlines our property. We can see to the top of the mountain that shelters us and to the bottom of the mountain on which we live. It is a straight drop down to the road below. Something which I tend to forget about when the leaves are on the trees. Even in winter, its hard to see all the way up or down. The snow paints a clear picture of our property lines.

This is the snow that I love. It's pretty as it falls and blankets the world, then it goes away in a day or two! Must be the "Southerner" in me.

Mr and Mrs Charlie Cardinal seem to be adjusting to this bout of cold. They've puffed up their down feathers and attacked the feeder with a vengance. And they haven't attacked the windows - at least not today!

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