Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Purple Coat

It was Valentine's weekend and I flew into DC to spend it with Bill who was on a long term assignment. When I left ATL the temperature was a balmy 55 degrees. I flew on a buddy pass (Apparently my buddy was high ranking; I was bumped to first class!) so I dressed up for the trip. I was also going to visit the Dept of Interior in DC and meet Bill's National Park Service buddies. So, I arrived in DC in 50 degree temperature under a bright sunny sky dressed in my nice wool blazer, dress slacks and a big smile. It was a great afternoon. I walked around the area, popped into the Corceran Gallery and enjoyed a few hours on my own in DC while Bill finshed his workday.

Late Friday afternoon a weather front came through. It rained (I was prepared with my wool-lined "all-weather" coat.) and the wind blew (all of a sudden wind-proof took on new meaning.) and it got COLD. On Saturday morning we set off to see the sights. We rode the Metro to Union Station and proceeded to walk down the National Mall. Then it happened. My nose ran, my eyes watered, I shivered and then I shook; I was freezing! The wind whipped right through my Atl weight "all-weather coat" and the cold of DC confirmed that I am truly a Southern girl!

Finally, we sought refuge from the cold in an Eddie Bauer store in Georgetown. Hanging on a display near the entrance was a down filled REAL "all weather" coat. It would resist wind, rain, snow and cold temps. I eyed it about the same time as Bill saw it. We both almost ran to it. I hugged it to me, slipping my arms into the warm comfort of the soft down filling. I coveted it. I fell in love with it. I NEEDED that coat! I wanted that coat! BUT, I didn't love it in PURPLE! Being all about function, not fashion, Bill bought it for me anyway.

The purple coat has become the official measure of REALLY cold weather. When it comes out of the downstairs closet, winter is at its worst. The purple coat went to the artic circle with my dear friend, Anna. It has come out for all snow events in the mountains and today, it came out for the cold early morning walk with the dog. Yes, its "purple coat weather" in the mountains of NC! And for this Southern "girl", the purple coat can't go back into the closet fast enough!

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  1. Casper has a red coat he brought from Denmark. This is the first time he's had to wear it since he come over. I can't wait to make the stew. Wish I was brave enough to go out to the store. I've never driven on ice or snow.