Thursday, January 6, 2011


I have a BIG, significant, ending in "0" birthday coming up soon. We went to ATL to celebrate with some of the family. The weather folks said it will start snowing tonite in the mtns and snow for several days. We ditched the birthday dinner plans (bummer! I NEVER get to go out to eat!!) and headed for the hills - literally. But, you know what? I had the best birthday a mama could have. I had time (although brief) with my wonderful daughter of whom I am soooo proud and love soooo much, snuggle time with baby Emmie (and made lots of secret plans for when she gets older) and saw the disappointment on Kelley's face when we decided we had better make a hasty retreat. Just the fact that I know how much she loves me is enough. Just the snuggling with Emmie is enough. Just seeing what a happy little family they are and how much Zach (my son-in-law) loves my girls is enough.

Life is not about things. Life is about enough. Enough love, enough courage, enough hope, enough great memories. There have been many times in my _0 years that ALL I had were my children. And you know what? They were always enough. And they always will be.

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  1. I love you and wanted you to have a special birthday (for once). I promise we'll go out to eat the next time you come down, and we might even leave the boys at home!