Thursday, March 5, 2009

5 Days Later...

and more than a few sore muscles! The kids are well on their way to being ready to move into their house. I forgot to take my camera, so go to Kelley's blog to see before and after pictures! It really is transforming into "their" house. I was happy to help.

Now I'm back home in NC with their dog, Peanut. He and I returned on Wed. after a short stop in Canton for groceries at Publix. Peanut was a good traveler except when I tried to listen to Andrea Bocelli... he did NOT like the music, so back to radio and we were OK again!

I've come home with a terrible head cold, probably from breathing the polluted ATL air~! Now, I shall go rest and get ready to go back on Monday after they move in, take the dog to them, and help do some unpacking....

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