Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Busy days

First, the "ugly cookies". Haman's Ears. I made them for the ending class of a 9 wk Bible study on Ester. The study, with Beth Moore, was amazing. The cookies required a consultation with my Jewish friend, Esta (derivative of Ester?) and much consternantion on my part as I struggled with the dough. After googling the image, I realized that most of the homemade ones were as ugly as mine! LOL! The class loved them and ate all but 3! Perfect end to a study about providence and a reversal of destiny!

The rain is back. The basement doors are leaking and the downstairs carpet is wet!!! Ahhggghhh! This house has been a challenge from day one and continues to be. Thank goodness for our wonderful friend and contractor, Mr. Frank who will come to our rescue and replace 2 "French style doors". Happy Anniversary! Oh, well.... what else can we do???

It rained out our "girl talk and walk" today, but I got on the treadmill and did my 2 miles anyway! Good for me!! Praise, praise, praise!

Tomorrow is a shopping trip to the city! Hurrrahhh! Watch out ATL, here we come!! Up at "dark thirty" and back by early evening (maybe before dark?). It's always fun to touch, feel and smell things in the city!
And good to come home to NO traffic!! You guys can have that part!

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