Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crafts and other things

The baby shower for Laurie was great. She is HUGE. Brian was afraid security in Wal Mart would stop her for attempting to steal a basketball!
From the back, she is tiny. But, OH MY, the baby is quite obvious when she turns around. She got lots of nice things, pretty things and necessary things. They'll be fine.

It was nice to be able to spend the nite at Kelley and Zach's without being in the way. Peanut enjoyed it, too. He had a crate reprieve for a few hours as I left mid morning on Mon. I shopped my way home, enjoying being the only customer in the stores at 10 on Monday morning!

Now for more craft time at home. Got to run to "town" for supplies and help. I'll post pics of my project - a small "thank you" for the friends who have shared baby "hand me downs" for our baby girl!

Update on our "walk and talk" time. Two of us walked Monday afternoon, 4 of us walked in the cloudy, cool morning today. We're up to 2 miles each day and trying for 4-5 days each week.... give us a hand for tenacity!!

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