Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it's really 2012? WOW! It seems like just yesterday that we were anxiously watching  2000 roll over. Did we really stock up on canned goods and toilet paper in expectation of..what?? At the risk of sounding "old"... times seems to fly! So, what are you planning for 2012? Something fun and exciting? YES for me! We are planning a trip to Provence!!

For those of you who travel with me via my e-mail daily journals, "we" will be traveling to the South of France (going through Paris for a few days, if I get my way!) and having some wonderful culinary experiences! I can hardly wait! Planning and anticipation are almost (ALMOST) as much fun as the trip. On the cold winter days to come, I will be pouring over books, websites and maps in preparation for another wonderful journey! We are thinking about Sept when the weather will be nice (not too hot, hopefully), less tourists (you KNOW I don't like to mingle with tourists in white tennis shoes ) and still lots of good produce (Provencal food uses lots of tomatoes, herbs and veggies). Then, next Christmas we are planning (that's still a year off!) to go to Germany, Austria and Hungary to experience the Christmas Markets via a river cruise (Yes, I did say I would NEVER do that again!).

You guys who check in with me for recipes are probably thinking "Why is she telling us all of this?"
Just a warning! You will see recipes that are influenced by these trips to come (and later from the influence of what we experienced!). I promise quick and easy.

Here's to a new year, new friends, new experiences and lots of good recipes!


  1. Provence in September is gorgeous and with far less tourists so that is a huge bonus! Have fun planning :-)

  2. Thanks for the confirmation, Sara. I will be following your blog closely and may need your advice as we progress in our planning!

  3. Helen, this sounds wonderful! You will have so much fun planning this. I am looking forward to your reports - we do like real life mixed in with the recipes :)